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About Us

What is BOLD by Kattour Jewelry?

BOLD by Kattour is a line of handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry made with natural gemstones and a variety of metals. But, more than anything else, BOLD is an attitude about yourself and the freedom to express yourself in a BOLD manner.

BOLD Jewelry is about ATTITUDE!

I believe that jewelry and fashion are means of expressing ourselves and interacting in the world! If you are a woman who really likes, understands and appreciates herself—you are a BOLD woman—if you're ready to "live out loud," BOLD Jewelry is a perfect accessory.

BOLD is about how you feel about yourself and your life— Beautiful, Limitless, Strong, Powerful, Exhilarated, Fearless, Joyous, Flirty, Feminine, and of course Free!

I design jewelry as an expression of who I am, and who my clients are. I guess you could say we have a BOLD attitude about ourselves!

BOLD Jewelry is about COLOR

Expression is articulated in more than just black and white! BOLD Jewelry employs color—complementary and contrasting—used to bring the natural and semi-precious gemstone jewelry to life. When I design each piece I allow the stones to speak to me—nature "hints" at the colors that will make the piece sparkle—and I obey!

BOLD Jewelry is about DESIGN

BOLD Jewelry is designed to be unique and memorable. You will get noticed because BOLD Jewelry is a one-of-a-kind! Some pieces will be large, some will be small, but each will be interesting, fluent and lively! Each piece will make a statement about the wearer—this is the "living out loud" part!!

BOLD Jewelry is about FUN

Life is short—so my philosophy decadent desserts, buy luxurious handbags, splurge on new clothes and wear great, BOLD Jewelry.

Who is BOLD by Kattour?

My name is Cathy Frangie-Hatch and I admit it, I am BOLD!

I have been a BOLD person all of my life—from my career choices, to my personal style; from my love of jewelry, beauty and fashion, to my personality—my motto has always been—If You're Going To Do It—Do It Passionately!

Not too long ago, out of desperation to find the kinds of jewelry pieces I wanted to wear and could afford to buy, I decided to try making my own jewelry. Whenever I'd have one of my creations on, I would be asked where it came from, where I'd purchased it etc. When I'd explain that I'd made it, I would inevitably be asked to make a piece for the admirer. I loved it! Jewelry making became another way for me to express my own BOLD personality, using outrageously beautiful natural gemstones, and pairing them up with other colored stones and metals.

Little by little, my hobby turned into a business. I started to make custom pieces for people I know, then created jewelry for a wedding party (that was so much fun!), then a couple of boutiques around town, and now I exhibit at arts and craft festivals and do jewelry parties for groups of people. Some of my jewelry has been featured in photo shoots and in DVDs.

It's been gratifying to get letters, phone calls and emails from people telling me how much they enjoy wearing my pieces and how beautiful they feel when they wear them!

I hope you enjoy looking at my jewelry. I hope you find a piece that speaks to your sense of who you are, and I hope it will bring you great joy and happiness to wear it!

P.S. Are you wondering who Kattour is? Well, my parents are Lebanese and they named me Kattour (Lebanese for Catherine) after my grandmother. Kattour is pronounced like the French word Couture and I loved the play on words so much, that I decided to name my jewelry line after it!

Okay—now you know everything there is to know—so go, enjoy some BOLD by Kattour Jewelry!