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About Gemstones

Here Is Some Folklore And Fun Facts About The Gemstones You Know And Love!

AGATE: Found in Brazil, India, Africa, Mexico and the US. Agates are multi-banded colorful stones that occur in volcanic lava. Found in an amazing variety of patterns, it's believed to be a powerful healing stone and fortifier. Agate's hardness and durability is said to bring stability to your life.

AMAZONITE: Found in North and South America. A form of blue-green feldspar, this stone was named after the legendary country of the Indian Amazons. Amazonite is said to promote confidence, vitality and restorative sleep if placed under a pillow. Ancient Egyptians considered it a holy stone; also used to stimulate powers of clairvoyance and fortune-telling.

AMBER: Amber is organic fossilized tree resin that is 40 to 50 million years old. Colors are light honey gold to gold red and green. Like a time capsule, air bubbles, plants and primeval insects are sometimes trapped inside and preserved, making the amber highly prized. The most famous deposits are in the Baltic region. Amber is believed to sharpen the senses, correct imbalances and soothe the heart.

AMETHYST: Found in North and South America and Brazil. An excellent spiritual and meditation stone, amethyst is crystalline quartz of purple and lavender. One of the oldest precious stones known, amethyst was believed to encourage sobriety and inner peace by the ancient Greeks. Also believed to ease headaches and prevent nightmares.

AQUAMARINE: Found in Brazil, India, Mexico and the US. A light blue member of the beryl family, aquamarine-jewel of the mermaid and stone of the seafaring traveler-is a highly mystic stone. It symbolizes peace and clarity and encourages calmness, tranquility and hope.

AVENTURINE: Found in India and South America. A type of green quartz with mica inclusions, it is a strong healer for the physical body. Aventurine alleviates doubt, anxiety and stress; also a good luck amulet for career, prosperity, adventure and travel.

AZURITE: Found in South Africa and France. This dark-blue colored copper mineral occurs often with malachite and symbolizes insight, spiritual awareness and psychic ability. Very potent in clearing mental blocks and speeding up the healing process.

BLACK ONYX: Used as a magic stone all over the world, it deflects negative energy, and protects from harm, giving the wearer inner harmony and self-confidence.

BLACK STONE: One of the jaspers, black stone repels negativity, encourages protection and grounds personal energy.

BLOODSTONE: Found in Brazil, India, Russia, and Mexico. This dark green jasper is spotted with red which resembles blood, giving the stone its name. In the Middle Ages, bloodstone was attributed with special powers as the red swirls were thought to be the blood of Christ. Believed to strengthen the immune system, bloodstone is also an excellent stone for the heart.

CARNELIAN: Found in India, Japan and South America. This orange variety of chalcedony is one of the oldest power and protective stones in history. In ancient Egypt, it was placed in tombs as a magic armor for life after death. Carnelian is believed to be a help in circulatory disturbances and to exert a harmonizing effect on sexuality. It can awaken new vitality and heighten creativity.

CHRYSOCOLLA: Found in Madagascar. A green-blue copper-based stone, chrysocolla is said to strengthen intuition and lower stress. Said to be a balance stone for the soul and excellent for goddess energy.

CITRINE: Found in the North and South America. A golden yellow variety of quartz, citrine is a powerful stone that brings sun and warmth into the heart. It works especially well with nervousness and unrest, and promotes self-confidence and renewed determination.

CORAL: Organic in nature, coral comes to us from the living sea as fossilized remains of sea creatures. Highly venerated by Tibetans and Native Americans as a symbol of vitality, coral symbolizes joy of life. Thought to protect against negative energy, coral is also believed to benefit blood and circulation disorders.

EMERALD: Found in India, Columbia and Brazil. Ever since the Stone Age, emerald has been regarded as the most divine of all precious stones. This gemstone is magnificent for regeneration and rejuvenation and deserves special attention for its healing effect on vision. The emerald promotes harmony and hope.

FLUORITE: Found in the US, Canada and Newfoundland. Its wide range of colors, yellow, blue, purple and green, make fluorite a stone with which all energy blockages can be treated. Also good for meditation, concentration and inspiration, and useful in opening the spirit. The Chinese have used fluorite in carvings for numerous centuries.

GARNET: Found in Central Europe, Russia, Africa and the US. Known as the stone of fire, garnet forms at very high temperatures, often in close proximity to volcanic activity. Garnets come in a variety of colors and are believed to symbolize fidelity, passion, faith, strength and determination. Placed wherever a lack of energy exists, the fiery garnet is said to be a starter motor for the body's repair mechanisms.

HEMATITE: Found in Brazil, Canada, US and Australia. Dark, silvery black on the outside showing a dark red color when cut into thin slices, hematite was regarded as the stone of the warrior because of its healing properties. Wise men of the Orient regarded it as a lucky stone to ward off the evil eye and in legal matters. Hematite represents firmness, strength, power and dedication; a magnificent grounding stone.

HOLWITE: Found in Africa, Nova Scotia and California. Aids in relief of breathing difficulty; especially good for asthma sufferers.

IOLITE: Also known as water sapphire, this violet blue gem has gentle, wisdom-inspiring, patient, kind and psychic energies. A magnificent stone for combating stress.

JADE: Found in China, US and New Zealand. It has long been revered as the stone of peace, wisdom and true love in China. Each color has its own special vibration: Green is long life, true love, wisdom. Red is especially good for women's health and physical stress. Lavender eases emotional strain. White relaxes nerves. Jade symbolizes overall renewal and is still considered a lucky stone worn as an amulet.

JASPER: Found in the US, Greece and Poland. This chalcedony occurs in many shades of brown, red and green and has always been said to have magic powers. Jasper symbolizes willpower. Red jasper strengthens stamina, stimulates sexuality and fertility. Yellow strengthens the immune system. Brown encourages stability and healing. Leopard relaxes tension, relieves fatigue and stimulates the imagination. Fancy jasper stabilizes shaky nerves.

LAPIS: Found in Central Asia, Chile and Pakistan. Lapis promotes self-importance and self-confidence.

MALACHITE: Found in Africa, Russia and Australia. Carved or polished, it reveals alternating bands of light and dark green. Zaire is the most important producer of this concentration stone; also said to be a powerful career and money stone.

MOONSTONE: Found in Sri Lanka. Associated in antiquity with the moon, it has always been the stone of love and lovers.

OPAL: Found in the US, Australia and Bohemia. Precious opal shows amazing iridescent flashes of color as it is viewed from different angles. Symbols of eternal hope, opals are useful for dream work, meditation, psychic development and they are given as gifts of true love.

OBSIDIAN: Obsidian is formed from volcanic lava and comes in brown, gray, black and spotted--as in snowflake obsidian. A protection stone, obsidian deflects negativity and sends it back to its source; also believed to help alleviate anxiety attacks.

PEARL: Pearls come to us from the living sea. Formed by invading particles that penetrate shells, they show us how we can attain perfection through painful experience. Pearls in their many colorations, reveal their full beauty and radiance when worn against the skin. The embodiment of feminine beauty, pearls promote wisdom and happiness.

PERIDOT: Found in Burma and the US. Known as the evening emerald, peridot is said to have been worn by Moses for protection and brought to Europe in the Middle Ages by the Crusaders from the Red Sea. Lively green peridot is the stone for inner harmony, positive feelings and for strengthening friendships.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL: Used universally as the emblem of purity, strength, power and healing. Buddhists use quartz to achieve enlightenment. It opens up all chakras and is considered the ancestor of the gem world. Quartz crystal is the most versatile and positive of stones. Today, Native Americans still put quartz in every newborn baby's cradle.

RHODOCROSITE: Found in South Africa, Germany, France and Spain. Watermelon pink with white swirls, this is a love-attracting stone of the highest power. Rhodocrosite symbolizes openness, self-knowledge and awakens our creativity and all-embracing love.

RHODONITE: Found in Australia and the US. Believed to be a stone of change, it symbolizes self-realization and helps us make the right decisions on new beginnings in life. Pink rhodonite with its dark inclusions also protects against all kinds of anxieties.

ROSE QUARTZ: Found in the US, South America and Africa. Since the Middle Ages, rose quartz has been considered a love charm-gently permeating one with love for others. A universal love stone, it attracts love and admiration, helps to strengthen self-image and self-improvement and to realize one's full potential. Soothing, calming qualities also help to heal the heart.

RUBY: Found in Sri Lanka and Thailand. It is said that ruby combines sensual and spiritual love creating divine love in crystallized form. As a good luck stone of love, ruby encourages sensitivity and harmony in relationships.

RUTILATED QUARTZ: When tiny needles of silver or gold color are found in quartz, they make attractive gemstones known as Rutilated Quartz, a powerful healing stone with a stepped-up positive energy. Said to contain the light of the sun, it stimulates the wearer's self-healing powers and promotes a calming effect on the psyche.

SAPPHIRE: A precious stone of truth, wisdom and faith. Since the Middle Ages, sapphire has symbolized the tranquility of the heavens, bestowing peace and divine blessing upon the wearer.

SANDSTONE: Its absorbent nature helps to clears up mistakes.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Smoky quartz helps to renew strength and overcome grief; it grounds and clarifies, enabling one to change negative behavior, eliminate the deadwood and begin anew.

SODALITE: Found in Afghanistan, Chile and Brazil. In ancient Greece, artists and singers carried sodalite as it was believed to promote inspiration and creativity while also providing protection. This dark blue stone with white streaks of calcite is believed to be ideal for spiritual harmony.

SUGILITE: New to the gemstone world as it was discovered in 1944 by a Japanese scientist, this lovely purple stone is believed to have comprehensive healing powers. It is a protective stone for sensitive people and symbolizes self-control; sugilite also helps us in new beginnings. Effective on all the chakras.

TIGER'S EYE: Its beautiful shimmer and play of golden light over its surface gives tiger's eye an amazing liveliness--a cat's eye effect called chatoyancy. It has been sought after and used in jewelry as it is said to heighten concentration and help to ease headaches and migraines; also said to be an effective healing stone for bronchial problems and asthma.

TOPAZ: Found in Brazil, Nigeria and Pakistan. Rosy gold, deep yellow, golden brown and aqua blue are among the most popular and valuable colorations of this stone. One of the royal stones in the gem world, topaz comes from the Sanskrit word for fire and symbolizes the joy of life. Its wearer should take delight in the world and embark on a path of self-realization.

TOURMALINE: Found in Brazil, Asia and the US. The rainbow of gemstones, tourmalines come in an amazing variety of colors and are extremely positive to work with. Rubelite promotes selfless love and is healing for the heart. Green tourmaline is great for harmony and balance. Blue aids with inner peace and clarity. Black reflects negativity and evil back to its source. Watermelon (pink and green) balances, regenerates and heals.

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ: Has inclusions of black tourmaline which form prismatic crystals. Known as a harmonizing stone, it creates balance between the two poles of yin and yang, the female and male principles. A marvelous stone for new and harmonic beginnings and for difficult partnerships.

TURQUOISE: Found in Iran and the US. One of the first gemstones to be mined, turquoise was a sacred stone for ancient Egyptians and Native Americans. It has long been used as a powerful protection stone against harm, an amulet for travelers and a good luck stone; also believed to protect from fears and nightmares.

UNAKITE: Also known as epidote, this speckled green and salmon-colored stone conveys the symbol of what comes together belongs together. It is believed to encourage patience and is considered a powerful friendship stone. One who carries unakite will find things that have been lost.

ZIRCON: The clear variety of zircon, when cut and polished, has the brilliance and hardness of a diamond. As a healing stone, zircon exhibits spiritual properties and can also ease tensions and clarify mental thoughts.

ZOISITE: Believed to be a fertility stone for men and women as well as a protective stone for pregnant women, ruby zoisite was discovered in the 19th century. Its highly sought blue variety is called tanzanite and was only discovered in 1967 near Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Birth Month Modern Birthstones Traditional Birthstones
January Garnet Garnet
February Amethyst Amethyst
March Aquamarine Bloodstone
April Diamond Diamond
May Emerald Emerald
June Pearl, Moonstone Alexandrite
July Ruby Ruby
August Peridot Sardonyx
September Sapphire Sapphire
October Opal, Tourmaline Tourmaline
November Yellow Topaz, Citrine Citrine
December Tanzanite Lazuli